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Based in the United Kingdom

A little about us...

SoFunding has an automated Dashboard where you can receive instant feedback on your trading. The SoFunding team has been in the Forex industry for many years; this this has allowed us to develop a fully automated system where all types of traders, long and short term can trade with freedom and allow their trading ability to excel! This allows traders to not risk their own capital; instead, you can prove your skill and access large remote capital!

With our team, we've developed a Proprietary Trading firm that you can use across different trading platforms. You can access larger accounts that allow larger drawdown, as well as start with a higher profit split.
So...  Welcome to SoFunding.

July 2021

SoFunding first entered the funding space in 2021. We reached out and funded our first traders. After this successful venture, we began to entertain ideas of opening up our funding services to everyone.



December 2021

We began development on our site, investigating the tasks required and contacting brokers and liquidity providers to ensure our trading conditions are the best.

August 2022

We went from an Invite Only Proprietary Trading Firm, to offering our Capital to any Trader around the world that passes our 2-phase challenge.

Select your account from $25,000 up to $200,000!



Our Mission

Our mission is simple.

Provide traders around the world with the opportunity of becoming a funded trader.

Using our online platform we can do this the most innovative way possible, years ago, the only way to become a funded trader was to work for a Financial Institution such as a Hedge Fund or Bank. Now we can give you the opportunity to become funded from your laptop no matter where you are in the world.